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2007 was a momentous year for Video Games Live which included selling out such locations as Jones Hall in Houston with the Houston Symphony, 2 nights at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with the National Symphony Orchestra, Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary with the Calgary Philharmonic, the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO and the only show in 2007 to sell out the Royal Festival Hall in London with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  
Other highlights included helping to launch the brand new 7,100 seat LA Live Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, worldwide media coverage including the main performing act on Spike TV's Video Games Awards show (viewed by over 6,000,000 people), a major worldwide record deal announcement with EMI Classics (available Q1 2008), recipient of the “SPECIAL BREAKTHROUGH ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for their performances in Brazil, key area major corporate sponsors such as Mountain Dew, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Ferrari, GameStop, GameCrazy, TokyoPop and Petrobras oil company (largest corporation in South America) and sold out shows around the world including Brazil (3 weeks), Spain, Korea, England, Canada & New Zealand.
2008 will be the BEST year yet for Video Games Live! Already having announced 25 new dates for 2008, VGL has refurbished and added to its already successful formula by including the following...
50% new material!  
Brand new segments include...
Halo 3 - An all new exclusive Halo 3 segment.

BioShock - The HIGHEST rated X-BOX game of 2007! (even higher rated than Halo 3!)

StarCraft II - Pre-view Exclusive!  A mega-popular game from Blizzard - the makers of Warcraft.  Game won't be released until 2009!

World of Warcraft - More and NEW Warcraft segments - the biggest and most popular online game in the world!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Amazing EXCLUSIVE music and video.  Huge hit with the families and younger audiences.

Conan - New game release in Q4 2007 of everyones favorite Barbarian Warrior.  Includes additional live percussion performances on stage (VGL supplied instruments).

Chrono Cross - One of the most requested games that fans asked to be added to VGL over the past 2 years.

Final Fantasy - Additional and new segments from the gamers most favorite music franchise.

Castlevania - One of the most popular "old-school" side-scrolling platform games brought to life by a full orchestra!  A game music fan favorite. 
Please also keep in mind that in 2007 VGL already had over 30 available and playable segments for the performance but due to time restraints can only play about 20 segments a night.  So even if VGL has played your city... you have still only experienced 60% of the available segments (and that was BEFORE all of the new segments and titles).

What else is new in 2008?
1.  Depending on your stage size and preferences, Video Games Live has added 2 new smaller video projected scrims on stage which show alternate synchronized video, I-MAG and/or special fx during certain segments and certain parts of the show.
2.  Added additional LED lighting bars to enhance colors and movement to the audience.
3.  Additional costume characters on stage during certain segments including Halo's Master Chief during the grand finale.
4.  Updated video segments for Mario, Zelda, God of War, Warcraft, Sonic, Civilization IV & Tomb Raider that reflect/include the new games in the franchise that came out during 2007/2008.
5.  More and unique prizes and give-a-ways on-stage!  Including a chance to win a $2,500 full arcade machine (consisting of over 5,000 classic arcade games), 250 classic arcade games for the PC, Rare and special edition TokyoPop anime & manga, DVD containing over 2,000 video game music remixed songs (.mp3 format) from, exclusive signed gaming memorabilia from game developers such as Blizzard (Warcraft), Bungie (Halo), Sega (Sonic), Nintendo (Mario/Zelda) and more!
6.  Pre-Show festival now includes the updated Guitar Hero III competition (we now carry all of our own plasmas).
7.  Improved production and video quality!  At the end of the 2007 Video Games Live purchased brand new multi-channel video and audio hard-drives which improve the overall quality and reliability of the synchronized projection.  Also includes better audio signals and SMPTE based automation for lighting which now makes the show 100% accurate to the video and music.
8.  Eight camera I-MAG system!  Show now includes 8 on-stage fixed camera angles which can be viewed on either the main screen or our secondary scrims.  These are used for up-close shots of the orchestra, choir, conductor and soloist.  All video switching is controlled by VGL video operator.
9.  New marketing materials which include 2 different TV spots (one towards family, other towards gamers), new radio spots, updated Ad Mats, etc.
10.  Over 400 new VGL Street Team members have signed up since October.  They help us to spread the word on both a local and worldwide level.  We also have a dedicated Online Resource Manager who heads up a very focused 10 person online team that spreads the word locally through schools & universities, MySpace/Facebook, video game/anime/comic book clubs, local industry organizations and companies, etc.
11.  Very successful, targeted and growing mailing list which consists of over 30,000 core game music lovers.  When sending out pre-sale e-mail blasts we are averaging about 500 ticket pre-sales per show.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you would like a promotional DVD.


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